The Trouble with Torn Carpet

If you have carpet, you have probably, at some point, vacuumed and noticed loose strands of carpet fiber. Maybe you have even noticed a small bald spot or two, or something has gotten caught on a loose strand. Torn carpet is a very real potential problem for all homeowners with this type of flooring. It can even be a hazard, causing trips and falls.

Shaggy carpet backgroundTorn carpet can be caused by a number of things.

Pets: Pets with claws can easily tear up carpet. Of course, if they dig, scratch, and bite at the carpet, it will tear. However, they don’t have to try; their claws often catch on the carpet accidentally, tearing it just a little each time.

Vacuums: You should vacuum your home regularly to keep your carpets cleaned. However, strong vacuums can snag and tear your carpet. If there are objects on the floor that you vacuum up, they can take carpet fibers up with them.

Bad Installation: Carpet must be installed properly to last. The poorer the installation, the easier it is to have problems like tearing. Holes may appear and the carpet may have segments that appear to have lifted off the base, leaving movable lumps.

Cheap Carpet: It is not uncommon for some homes to come with cheap carpet; it was probably installed to save money before selling the home. Extremely cheap carpet is that way for a reason; it doesn’t last as long and it’s easy to tear.

Fixing torn carpet is not an easy thing. Depending upon the nature of the tear, repair may be possible. Most of the time, however, torn carpet is either left alone, or the carpet replaced. If it’s a small portion of torn carpet, you may be able to replace only that part.  The best way to deal with torn carpet is to prevent it with proper installation of good carpet, and regular care and checks.

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