Tough Stains on Tile

Even if you clean your tile floors regularly, there’s always the chance that you’ll face a more lasting stain. Mold, age, and other unknowns have the ability to appear with little knowledge of their origins. Even the best, most beautiful of tile flooring is susceptible.

Bacteria is one of the leading causes of tough stains on tile floor. Certain types of bacteria thrive on the things you commonly spill on floors. Even if you clean up after yourself, those microbes have ways of sticking and growing over time.

tiles-454961_1280So, what do you do if you’re faced with this problem?

The best way to deal with this is to take steps to avoid it, first. Clean all spills as soon as possible; immediately is best. Make sure and dry anything you clean up with liquid. Thoroughly mop your floors often and do so with hot water once in a while.

If you still end up with some stains, start by checking for causes. If it appears to be mold, you may have an issue with moisture in that room, or in your home. Try adding some vinegar to water and mop as usual. Then, rinse and dry the cleaned area. If the stain is tough and vinegar does not work, or you know it’s mold, you can also try a mild bleach solution. Make sure the area is well-ventilated before you clean.

It also helps to start by choosing to install types of flooring that are more resistant to microbes, mold, and stains, like ceramic tiles. These types of floors do not lose their ability to resist stains over time, and so they remain clean longer. They’re easier to maintain.

If the tough stains on tile are no longer spots, but they’ve overwhelmed your floors, it may be time to replace your floor. If you’re in the market for new, beautiful floors, come to Sam’s Flooring Gallery.

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