To Choose Your Carpet

Cheerful little girl lying on the carpetCarpet is a classic flooring option. While tile, wood, and other hard floors have their aesthetic and other advantages, sometimes simply getting out of bed, or off of the couch and placing your foot on soft, warm carpet is worth the choice. For some, nothing compares to having a soft floor on which to walk, where your kids can play and watch television, where you can comfortably do your yoga, and more.

If this sounds great to you, the next step is to choose the best carpet for you and your home. You already know that there are many fabric types from which to choose. So, how do you choose your carpet with so many options available to you?

Who and what will be on this carpet?

The type of traffic your carpet will experience is something work considering. If you have children, house pets, or just generally high traffic in the areas where you want carpeting, you may want to consider something strong and resistant to stains. If you know that no attempt to have a no-food-or-drink-near-the-carpet rule will be successful, then food and drink stain resistance may be of particular importance.

Nylon is a popular choice for stain resistant carpet. When combined with a solid stain proof coating, it is particularly good at resisting stains. Wool, on the other hand, is naturally resistant to stains, even without stain proofing. Polyester and olefin also have the potential to withstand stains, but oils may be a problem.

What is your budget?

Money is almost always a consideration. Carpet, like anything else, can be as expensive, or inexpensive as you can afford. You can have a very soft, plush, thick carpet for comfort—this carpeting will likely be more costly as more fiber means more expense. Flat, harder carpets, such as those used on commercial floors, are tough and great for very high traffic. There are all sorts of carpets that fall between these types and you can easily find something to fit your budget and preferences.

Are you ready to choose your carpet, or do you need help navigating the options and installation? Call us at Sam’s Flooring Gallery. We can help you with all of your flooring needs.

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