Scratches on Your Hardwood Floors

home-office-569153_1280They’re dreaded by all hardwood floor owners: scratches. People do all they can to avoid them, afraid that, once they happen, they will never be able to fix them, and the expensive floor will have to be replaced. Fortunately, not only would replacement mean only replacing single boards, rather than the whole floor, there are times when scratches on your hardwood floors can be repaired.

Minor Scratches

Even minor scratches can vary, so their treatments will, too. Start by cleaning the scratched area. Make sure there is no debris anywhere. Determine just how deep the scratches are. Some superficial marks can be covered with special topical solutions make specifically for minor marks on wood. If you find this does not work, then find a wood stain that matches the color of your floor. Be very careful in your selection. Gently use the stain as directed by the label. Then, once the stain is applied and dried, apply a seal to help protect it. You could find that the area is as good as new.

If your scratches are little more than minor, but still shallow, you may be able to use a sanding method. Always start by cleaning the area. Once it is completely dry, sand the scratch with a fine sander—anything too rough will only cause further damage. Rub carefully, focusing only on the scratch, and following the grain. Do so until the scratch blends better with the surrounding wood. Clean the area again and let it dry. Then, fill in the scratch with wax, if necessary, and use a matching stain. Then, protect with a seal.

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