What Roller Shades Can Do for You

Roller shades are popular for their versatility, simplicity, and overall variable style. They are attractive and can suit any room style. They can add a classic touch to the room, or a modern appearance, and they’re lasting. All they need is some basic care. Roller shades may be what your home needs for a little touch of something new.

Light and Heat Control

Roll textile jalousieDepending upon the material you choose for your roller shades, you can allow very little, or some light into your room when the shades are down. Roller shades have the ability to diffuse light so that it’s present, but not as bright, or to block light and darken your room as you need. It’s an effective and affordable method of light control.

This light control can also aid in your home’s energy efficiency. When the room gets warm, blocking out the sun with roller shades can lower the room’s temperature significantly so that your air conditioner doesn’t have to work quite so hard. Let a little more sun in when things get cold by lifting the shades. Your AC and heater system’s energy use will benefit from this simple move.

Simple Care

Roller shades are easy to clean. You can dust lightly on a regular basis, and many fabric types can be wiped with a moist cloth. They can also be spot cleaned with a mild detergent. If they need a more thorough cleaning, you can also immerse them gently into a bath of warm water and gentle cleaner. Wash by moving them in the water, and then rinse with clear water. You can let them hang to dry, and aid the drying process very gently with a blow dryer on a low setting.

Roller shades may be simple additions to your windows, but they offer a myriad of possibilities for your windows. Come to Sam’s Flooring Gallery today and ask how we can serve your window décor needs.

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