Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring in modern living roomHardwood floors are potentially beautiful additions to your home. They add elegance, or a classic appearance, and you can get creative with style and design. They’re an investment for your home in both appearance and value, and so you want to preserve them as much as possible.

One of the most troubling things for hardwood is moisture. Excess moisture is dangerous; it can cause damage that is difficult to repair, and some that cannot be repaired. Save your hardwood floors by using these tips.

Avoid spills.

Hardwood floors generally come with protection against water and moisture. However, moisture has a way of seeping in and spills are a way for that to happen. Take precautions; make rules about liquids in rooms with hardwood floors. Make sure there are plenty of places for people to place drinks safely, where they are not likely to fall. Place attractive rugs strategically to help absorb any accidents.

Maintain humidity levels in rooms with hardwood floors.

When you have air conditioning, high humidity in the home is rarely an issue. However, if you live in a humid environment, or you just want to be more careful because of your floors, have a humidistat installed. Humidity control can save your floor over time.

Address spills and other moisture immediately.

Don’t let anything sit. Dry it up with towels, and then use fans. Point them at the floor, use a hair dryer on a cool setting, and do whatever is necessary to get rid of the moisture immediately. If you’re worried that it may not be enough, you may be able to remove some boards to dry moisture underneath.

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