To Protect Your Floors When You Move

Moving is stressful. People are always searching for ways to make it less so, which is why there are so many moving services offering to do almost anything for you, from packing, to loading, driving, unloading, and even unpacking. Among all the concerns involved in moving, no one wants to worry about damage to belongings, like the floors. When that furniture gets moved, whether out of the old place, or into the new, there is a risk of floor scratching if you, or your movers aren’t careful. Take steps to protect your floors when you move; it’s very easy to do.

Create a Covered Path

It is always better to lift furniture when you move it. Sometimes, however, that just isn’t the best way. So, among the steps you can take to protect your way out of, or into the house, is to put something down on the floor on which you can slide the furniture without scratching the floor. It will have to be something stable that doesn’t move with the furniture and make a mess.

Cover Furniture Feet

Hardwood flooring in modern living roomWrapping your furniture is one of the more common ways of protecting. Do the same to protect your floors. You can wrap furniture feet with something soft to avoid scratching the floors.

Use Rolling Boards

There are also planks and boards with wheels on which you can put your items so that all you need to do is roll them out. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the wheels on these won’t cause damage. So, make sure the wheels are soft enough avoid flooring damage. You can make the wheels work for you on stairs why using a floor-safe dolly.

Moving is stressful enough; don’t let worrying about your floors make it worse. Just take simple precautions to protect your floors when you move. When you need new floors, come to Sam’s Flooring Gallery.

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