Managing Carpet Stains

Cheerful little girl lying on the carpetCarpets can be great in homes; many people prefer them because they keep things soft under your feet and come in a wide variety of colors. Like any other flooring, they require care. For carpets, one of the primary concerns is staining.

There is plenty of misinformation out there on how to remove carpet stains. The internet abounds with “special techniques” that claim to be better than those you know. In truth, keeping things simple is usually the best method.

Don’t leave stains to sit.

It is a simple detail that most people already know. Yet, it is still easy to leave a stain sitting because cleaning it immediately is an inconvenience. Whenever possible, give in to that feeling that tells you not to leave the spill to dry and don’t procrastinate. It will make cleaning much easier.

Avoid scrubbing when possible.

Though it’s almost instinctual to scrub at stains, it’s not always the best approach. Scrubbing can disturb your carpet fibers and push the staining particles further into the carpet. Start by blotting; soak the stain, and then thoroughly blot and dry.

Use clean, plain water.

Sometimes it is necessary to use stronger stain removers. However, if your spill is not old and lingering, try using water. Blot the spill, rinse with water—careful not to use more water than you can dry—and blot. You may find that chemicals are not necessary.

Make rules about traffic and foods.

One of the best ways to deal with stains is not to have them. Make rules about what people can have on your carpet—no shoes, sock-covered feet only, and no food or liquids in carpeted rooms. This way, you may almost never have stains with which to contend.

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