Maintain Your Granite Countertops


Granite countertops are popular choices for homes. The material is very durable and is made to look great and function in the very long-term. However, like anything else, it’s not perfect and it requires some care. You may even know a person or two who do not like theirs. There is not much that you need to do to maintain your granite countertops because they can handle a lot, but here is some advice.

Cutting and Other Abuse

Yes, granite can handle some mild dings, and scratching from knives and other utensils. However, for the overall life of your countertops, go ahead and use a good cutting board instead. Cutting directly on any countertops is a generally bad habit to have. So is placing extremely hot items on the counter. Granite is unlikely to crack as a result of the thermal shock, but avoid the remote possibility by always placing hot pots and items on a heat-safe pad.


This is true for any countertop: clean messes up immediately. Don’t leave them to sit and stain. Granite is more resistant to this than many materials and it cleans up easily. When you clean, do so with natural materials as much as you are able; avoid strong chemicals that can wear on your countertop—bleach, ammonia, etc. Use warm water and a gentle soap when you can, and always rinse and dry thoroughly.


Granite has a sealer on it that gives it shine and protects it. It’s a good idea to check and made certain that it’s working. To do so, just put a little water on your granite countertops. If the water beads, you’re good to go. If it doesn’t it may be time to re-seal. This isn’t common with granite, but if you need some advice, always consult a professional.

At Sam’s Flooring Gallery, we have an excellent selection of granite countertops for you. Come see us and find out why this material is so perfect for countertops, and ask our advice on how to maintain your granite countertops.

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