Should You Invest in a Robot Vacuum?

Robot vacuums have been growing in popularity for several years, now. Many vacuum and electronics brands have begun manufacturing and selling them. Once basic, new developers are creating more advanced designs that can do amazing things, in addition to sucking up dust and debris in your home. The more recent models can create digital maps of your rooms with imaging technology to help them make their away around; they know where the ceiling and walls are, where entrances to the next rooms are, and if they bump into an object they did not pick up, they adjust to accommodate and go around it. The question is, are these devices good enough? Should you invest in a robot vacuum?

Supplemental Vacuums

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner In Front Of Man RelaxingThe things that robot vacuums can do are impressive, to be sure. They’re clear examples of how technology advances both quickly and in interesting ways, and how that technology can be of use to us. However, almost any brand will have in its fine print a notice to let you know that these are not meant to be primary machines; they are supplemental vacuums.

These little vacuums can pick up dust and some larger debris, like sand, dirt, and little piles of things like cereal and glitter. However, their suction capacity is limited. They cannot pick up absolutely everything that your large vacuum can, and many of them don’t perform as well on carpet. The ones that do, again, are not really meant for a deep clean.

What’s the Use?

If you have animals, you know the struggle of hair on the floor. You may even wish, sometimes, that you could vacuum every day to keep up with all the shedding. It’s things like these that your robotic vacuum can handle. Set your model to automatically vacuum your rooms twice per week, or more. With a good model, you could find yourself feeling the need to vacuum with your large vacuum a little less often. Your little robot will take care of things until you have time to do a more thorough job with your upright vacuum.

So, if you’re considering whether you want to invest in a robot vacuum, it may be worth your while if you can afford it. Save yourself a few vacuums over the year. If your floor is beyond any sort of cleaning, robotic or otherwise, come see us at Sam’s Flooring Gallery.

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