Is the Hardwood Hard Enough for Your Home?

feet-839001_1280Hardwood floors are elegant and are a classic flooring choice for many homes. Hardwood floors can be formal, casual, rustic, or anything in between. They come in a wide variety of different styles because there are lots of different wood types that hardwood floors can be made of and because there are lots of different stains that can go on the floors.

As you select your floor, one of the key considerations is whether the hardwood floor is a hard species of wood or a soft species of wood. If the hardwood is going to be used heavily in a house with pets, kids, or lots of visitors, you want to make absolutely sure that the floor you put into your home is on the harder end of the scale. If you don’t, your floor could quickly end up with a million scratches and could be left looking very unsightly.

Professionals at Sam’s Flooring can help you to determine if a hardwood floor is the right hardness for your particular application.

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