Flooring When You Have Pets

Baby feeding one dog watched by anotherAs long as you’re able and willing to care for them, you can have any flooring you want. However, there are usually things in your life that affect your decision when it’s time to buy and install. Pets, for instance, may have a significant impact on your flooring choice. Pets shed, sometimes they urinate and defecate, and generally make a mess. You may have the most well-trained dog or cat, but, as animals, they simply cannot control themselves, sometimes.

So, if you need to factor your pets into your flooring decision, there are plenty of options from which to choose. Any issue you can imagine—scratching, shedding, staining—has a match in flooring that makes protection and cleaning easier.


Good carpet is comfortable, and relatively easy to keep clean with regular vacuuming and occasional steaming. Of course, when people think of pets and carpet, they often think of pet hair. It’s true, cleaning up pet hair can be an annoying part of owning carpet. Pets with claws may catch on the carpet, too, and stains could be an issue.

However, that does not mean that carpet is a poor choice. Plenty of carpet manufacturers make carpet with pets in mind. You can choose from catch-resistant, and stain resistant types. You can also invest in affordable vacuums and cleaners that make dealing with pet hair and stains much easier. You can, in fact, have both carpet and pets.


Wood floors can be very valuable and they’re a dream for some homeowners. They are susceptible to scratches and moisture damage, and so pet owners might shy away from them. However, your pets can coexist with your beautiful hardwood floors.

Woods have different levels of hardness. The harder the wood, the more it will resist scratches. Of course, wood floors can be sealed with extra protection. So, as long as you keep your pet’s claws trimmed, you should have no trouble. If you’re worried about urination, the rare or occasional pet accident should not be a problem, as long as it’s cleaned up almost immediately.

Of course, tile, laminate, and other types are popular choices for pet-owners. They’re tough and easy-to-clean, and they come in many styles and colors. If you need some help choosing the best flooring for your home with pets, come see us at Sam’s Flooring Gallery.

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