Flooring Myths

Are you in the market for new flooring? Are you concerned about maintaining your current floors? You have probably come across some common information and tips about the floors of your choice. It’s important, however, that you are able to separate the myths from the truth so that you can make the best decision.

Carpet Myths

Have you heard that carpet doesn’t last? Or, perhaps you have heard that it can cause health trouble and allergies? In truth, carpet is still a very viable choice for your home’s flooring. If you have allergies and are worried about carpeting, you should know that many advances have been made in carpeting. Carpets are now made to resist stains, trap allergens so that they’re easier to vacuum and control, and more. Your carpets can remain clean longer and your allergies will stay under control.

Hardwood Myths

Many consider hardwood floors to be very valuable. Of course, they have a reputation for needing more care as they’re more susceptible to scratches and moisture than other types of flooring. However, some of the things you may hear about hardwood are myths. For example, if you have heard that hardwood flooring is expensive, that is not always true. Yes, there are some types that are costly, but there are ways to get genuine hardwood floors at a very reasonable cost. Also, it’s common to be told that hardwood floors scratch too easily. However, all flooring is susceptible to something and hardwood flooring can be protected with little trouble. All it needs is a good sealant—which comes with most—a few simple rules regarding shoes, and some felt on the bottoms of furniture legs.

The best way to know the difference between truth and myth is to talk to a professional. Whether you want wood, carpet, or some other type of flooring, we can answer any questions you have at Sam’s Flooring Gallery.

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