Cleaning Your Laminate Floors

Many people like laminate floors. They’re durable and relatively easy to clean, and come in a variety of styles to suit most homes. Like any flooring, they require upkeep to remain in good shape. Without proper cleaning they can become dingy, dirty, and sticky. Common household cleaners and mops will not always work best.

Don’t vacuum or sweep with a hard broom.

Sweeping is not the best option for laminate. Laminate is slick and brooms will often leave particles behind. Vacuums, even those with a hard floor setting, are hard on your floor. They can scratch your floor’s surface. Instead, try a dry, dust-collecting mop. This will pick up more dirt and debris so that you are not dragging it with your mop, and leaving streaks.

Harsh chemicals are not necessary.

You don’t need strong chemicals to have a sanitary floor. In fact, special cleaners designed for laminate floors are not really necessary. You can go the natural route. Start with just a little water; soaking the floor is not a good thing. Not only can excess water cause streaking, but it can damage your floor over time. All you need is a little moisture, like a fine mist from a spray bottle. If you need a little extra cleaning power, add just a touch of vinegar to the water, but not much. Afterward, use a gentle, dry mop, such as a microfiber cloth.

Protect the floor.

flooring-blog-image2-lgLaminate is strong, but it is more so if you protect it. Use strategically-placed rugs. Avoid spills, or clean them immediately. Walk barefoot on the floor and don’t allow large moving objects that may scrape it.

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