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Tough Stains on Tile

Even if you clean your tile floors regularly, there’s always the chance that you’ll face a more lasting stain. Mold, age, and other unknowns have the ability to appear with little knowledge of their Read more [...]

Possibilities of Porcelain Tile

If you’re in search of the perfect tile flooring, you have a wide variety from which to choose. Porcelain is among those choices, of course, and out of those options, it is one of the better ones. It Read more [...]

What Floor is Right for Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat flooring can be wonderful on cool winter mornings. If you are remodeling and the temperature is dropping, you may be seriously thinking about putting radiant heat underneath your floors. If Read more [...]

A Tile Floor is Often the Best Choice for a Bathroom

When you are selecting flooring for your bathroom, tile is usually the go-to choice. Tile can be an ideal flooring solution for a bathroom because tile can withstand the dampness and the water spills that Read more [...]

Choosing Grout to Go With Your Tiles

When you have found the perfect floor tile to use in your home, your decision-making is not yet done. In addition to selecting the tiles that will be used on your floor, you are also going to need to Read more [...]

Benefits of Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Ceramic and porcelain tile are two of the most popular choices of flooring that people consider. Tile is an especially popular choice for use in bathrooms, or for use in kitchens, although you can put Read more [...]

Types of Tile to Consider

When you go shopping for tile, you have lots of different choices that you can think about. One of the options to look at is natural stone tile, like a marble, travertine, slate, or blue stone. Natural Read more [...]

When Tile Makes the Perfect Floor

Tile can make the perfect floor in a wide variety of different circumstances. Tiles are an ideal choice when you want a floor you do not need to worry about having scratched. Tiles are durable and can Read more [...]

Top Reasons to Choose Tile Over Hardwood

Both tile flooring and hardwood flooring are great choices for your home and you can find a vast selection of these types of flooring options at Sam's Flooring Gallery. Choosing between tile and hardwood Read more [...]

Sam’s Flooring Gallery Will Help You Find the Right Bathroom Tile

When you are shopping for tiles for your bathroom, you need to make sure that you are able to purchase tiles that are wet rated. You do not want to have tiles that are not designed to be in a wet environment Read more [...]

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