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Flooring Myths

Are you in the market for new flooring? Are you concerned about maintaining your current floors? You have probably come across some common information and tips about the floors of your choice. It’s important, Read more [...]

Flooring When You Have Pets

As long as you’re able and willing to care for them, you can have any flooring you want. However, there are usually things in your life that affect your decision when it’s time to buy and install. Read more [...]

Cleaning Your Laminate Floors

Many people like laminate floors. They’re durable and relatively easy to clean, and come in a variety of styles to suit most homes. Like any flooring, they require upkeep to remain in good shape. Without Read more [...]

A New Year’s Renovation for Your Floors

The new year is here. People have begun to follow through with their new year resolutions and take on their projects for the new year. A thorough home cleanse or renovation is not an uncommon plan for Read more [...]

How Much Do New Floors Cost?

If you are thinking about changing out your floors, you will find that this remodeling project gives you a lot of bang for the buck.  Putting new floors in can completely transform the look of a room Read more [...]

What is the Most Affordable Flooring Choice?

Many different flooring options exist, with a wide variety of different price points. As a result, those who are shopping for affordable flooring can often find a wide selection within their price range. Read more [...]

Flooring for Your Kitchen

When you are remodeling a kitchen or are building a new home, you need to consider what kind of flooring is going to be the best flooring to use in this space. Kitchens are often considered the heart of Read more [...]

What Flooring is the Right Choice for a Mudroom?

Many people have mudrooms in their home because they want to come into the house and have a place where they can hang up their coat and take off muddy or dirty shoes. Mudrooms are a practical room in your Read more [...]

Getting New Floors in a New Home

When you have moved into a new house, one of the best and quickest ways to personalize the home is to get new flooring. New floors can allow you to benefit from a clean and bright new look, which makes Read more [...]

What Kind of Flooring is Right For Your Basement?

If you have a finished basement you are remodeling or if you are finishing your basement for the first time, you need to choose an appropriate flooring material for your space. Sam’s Flooring can help Read more [...]

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