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No Shame in Discount Carpet

When you choose new flooring for your home, you want what’s best all-around. That means something that satisfies all your requirements, from look, to feel, to price. For many people, that does not mean Read more [...]

The Trouble with Torn Carpet

If you have carpet, you have probably, at some point, vacuumed and noticed loose strands of carpet fiber. Maybe you have even noticed a small bald spot or two, or something has gotten caught on a loose Read more [...]

Simple Benefits of Carpeting

When making changes to the flooring in your home, there are so many choices that simply choosing isn’t always easy. You could spend more time than you can possibly imagine sorting through all of the Read more [...]

To Choose Your Carpet

Carpet is a classic flooring option. While tile, wood, and other hard floors have their aesthetic and other advantages, sometimes simply getting out of bed, or off of the couch and placing your foot on Read more [...]

Why Carpet is a Great Choice for the Kids’ Rooms

When you are decorating a bedroom for your kids, you want to make sure that you design their space with their unique needs in mind. One of the things to think about is how your child will use the room. Read more [...]

Should You Install New Carpet?

If your carpet has become stained or starting to look worn, it may be time to install new carpet in your new home. There are many attractive styles of carpeting available at Sam’s Flooring Gallery so Read more [...]

Why Buy Carpet from Sam’s Flooring Gallery

Carpet has lots of advantages as a flooring type for your home. Carpet has a lot of sound-deadening properties so it is a good choice when you want quiet in your house. Nothing beats carpet in terms of Read more [...]

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