No Shame in Discount Carpet

When you choose new flooring for your home, you want what’s best all-around. That means something that satisfies all your requirements, from look, to feel, to price. For many people, that does not mean pushing the limits of your budget for the highest quality, or the newest options. Sometimes, it Continue Reading

To Protect Your Floors When You Move

Moving is stressful. People are always searching for ways to make it less so, which is why there are so many moving services offering to do almost anything for you, from packing, to loading, driving, unloading, and even unpacking. Among all the concerns involved in moving, no one wants to Continue Reading

What’s the Best Choice for Kitchen Flooring?

With so many options for your floors, it’s not always easy to choose what’s best. Even if you know what look you want, there are many materials that can offer you that look. In your kitchen, there are two primary things you want, in addition to an attractive appearance at Continue Reading

What Roller Shades Can Do for You

Roller shades are popular for their versatility, simplicity, and overall variable style. They are attractive and can suit any room style. They can add a classic touch to the room, or a modern appearance, and they’re lasting. All they need is some basic care. Roller shades may be what your Continue Reading

Should You Invest in a Robot Vacuum?

Robot vacuums have been growing in popularity for several years, now. Many vacuum and electronics brands have begun manufacturing and selling them. Once basic, new developers are creating more advanced designs that can do amazing things, in addition to sucking up dust and debris in your home. The more recent Continue Reading

Cleaning the Floors After the New Year

As fast as the holidays come, they’re over, it seems. After all the fun, it may seem as though what you’re left with is a mess to clean up, hence the tradition of spring cleaning. When the tornado of family members has come and gone, start anew with by cleaning Continue Reading

Give the Gift of New Floors

As we get older, gifts we get and give over the holidays change. We may still get the fun things we want, but, sometimes, we use the opportunity to get things we need. There are many reasons we do this—caution with expenses, needs greater than desires, a genuine desire for Continue Reading

The Trouble with Torn Carpet

If you have carpet, you have probably, at some point, vacuumed and noticed loose strands of carpet fiber. Maybe you have even noticed a small bald spot or two, or something has gotten caught on a loose strand. Torn carpet is a very real potential problem for all homeowners with Continue Reading

Tough Stains on Tile

Even if you clean your tile floors regularly, there’s always the chance that you’ll face a more lasting stain. Mold, age, and other unknowns have the ability to appear with little knowledge of their origins. Even the best, most beautiful of tile flooring is susceptible. Bacteria is one of the Continue Reading

Possibilities of Porcelain Tile

If you’re in search of the perfect tile flooring, you have a wide variety from which to choose. Porcelain is among those choices, of course, and out of those options, it is one of the better ones. It has numerous benefits in addition to being a potentially beautiful addition to Continue Reading

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